Still the Emotional Distress

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A week ago today I left for a Millionaire Mind Intensive  in Provo, Utah. I was so excited to go, not only because I was ready for a new perspective on money, but because I needed a break from my current reality! After a life changing, mind blowing weekend I arrived home with a brand new attitude. Maybe it was the “high” from the event or perhaps I significantly raised my vibration.

I now look at life with possibility and excitement. I am able to slow down and spend time with Max, fully embracing every moment. Money doesn’t seem so daunting and unattainable. Opportunities have started flowing and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Today, however, was tougher than normal. Not my circumstances but my overall feeling in general. Stress, Overwhelm, Sadness… creeping into my mind. Little things bothered me…. my goodness how I want a place to call my own! Will I ever break free?

When Max took his afternoon nap, I took advantage of the alone time. I decided to indulge a little with a warm bath. If your a mom you know what I mean by indulge! It always makes me feel just a little better than before.

Feeling better, little by little, is the key to breaking out of a down-ward spiral.

I always use goDesana essential oils in baths because of the healing properties, especially emotional. It also gives me a mini vacation…where I feel pampered and rejuvenated.

Today it was the STILL blend  that jumped out at me. I opened the bottle…smelled the oil and wow, it was the absolute perfect blend for how I was feeling!

STILL uses:

  • Aromatic and sensual blend, to help soothe and ease the transition from the fast pace and worries of your day to a relaxing evening.
  • Particularly helpful when we have taken on more than we feel we can handle and are overwhelmed.
  • Helps to ground us and allow peace of mind to reevaluate our priorities, take a step out of the chaos and see where we can de-stress.
  • To relax and calm your mind, body, and spirit.

My mood was immediately uplifted! I can honestly say I won’t go a day without an essential oil. Here is the link to the STILL essential oil blend!





Excessive pregnancy weight gain unnecessary?

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Eating for two” but how many women take that literally? In reality, pregnant women should only be consuming about 300-500 extra calories a day.

We know that not all calories are created equal so when your mindset is “I can eat whatever I want because I’m pregnant” it will actually hurt you (and your baby) in the long run.

It is believed that mother’s who consume a lot of junk food while pregnant actually program their baby to have those same cravings.

Let’s change the phrase “Eating for two” to “Eating SMART for two”

Now, I’m not saying anything we need to be on any sort of strict diet. What I am saying is that eating as healthy as possible with extra healthy snacks will help keep your energy level upnourish your growing baby…and keep the extra weight off.

Remember that you will carry the extra weight after your pregnancy which might contribute to the “baby blues”.

If you are hungry…then eat! If you want ice cream…indulge in moderation. You are creating human life after all! Experts say that it’s okay to indulge once in a while. It’s the overall diet that matters most.

Cravings can also signal missing nutrition that your body is starving for. For example: If you crave chocolate like crazy…your body is crying out for magnesium!

 Also, If you experience “charlie horses” at all during pregnancy you might just need some magnesium.

Cutting down the size of your indulgent treat with help cut calories and satisfy all the same!

Next time you crave something ask yourself…Am I really hungry or do I need some comfort. Sometimes just a glass of water and a nice, warm bubble bath might do the trick.

 Remember that everything you eat…the baby eats too! 

  • Eat as much fresh, whole food as you can to help your baby grow as healthy as possible.
  • A few necessities during my pregnancy are : Smooth Vitality which is a Raw, Vegan meal replacement shake that you can add in with your regular meals or as a snack. Green Vitality is a 25 raw, organic greens powder that you can sip on through out the day! Magnesium Be-Calm which keeps those charlie horses away and helps me feel good.

Plan out healthy snacks and carry them around with you to avoid a hunger attack.

  • Make your own trail mix with almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, small serving of raw dark chocolate..etc, a banana/apple/pear with peanut or almond butter, or fresh veggies with hummus.

Don’t forget to move! Stretching/Yoga and Walking are amazing and not very strenuous at all.

  • It will help keeps those unnecessary pounds of my utilizing the calories that you are consuming.

 Relax when you can. Being stressed out while pregnant can actually create a lot of problems to your little one such as pre-term labor!

  • Taking a bath with Lavender or Frankincense Essential oils will help relax you (which relaxes your baby too!)

If you are interested in trying out Smooth Vitality, Green Vitality, and Magnesium Be-Calm…check out


Following these guidelines have worked for me personally. I’ve had an amazing experience with my last pregnancy as well as this one so far 🙂

With Max, I gained a total of 17 lbs and was able to walk out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy clothes. The only maternity item I bought was a more comfortable bra and a belly band!  All women are different but keeping the mindset of “Eating SMART for two” will  help keep unwanted weight gain down and your energy level up. Which will make you very happy once the bundle of joy has arrived!

Thanks for reading!


“The wall between…

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“The wall between “being positive” and “being negative” is not as big as you may think it is. It’s actually very thin. Never think there is a great distance between the two. It only takes a small change in perspective, a little humor, an ounce of acceptance, an intuitive new action, some conscious movement or exercise, a deep breath, or a tiny crack of light coming in the door to put you back in a positive vibration.” ~Michael Alperstein

This quote couldn’t have crossed my path at a better time.

I’ve been trying to stay optimistic but sometimes life can get discouraging.

Like for example:

Sleeping on my parents couch, watching my savings dwindle as I wait for a job interview call back, taking care of my adorable 14 month old, Max, half way to baby number two….ahhhhh. 🙂

Time to check in and my change perspective!

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be “negative”?

When things in your life are less than desirable…you start to think “of course, I never have any luck” or “nothing ever goes my way” This is where the “negative spiral” starts to spin out of control.

You left your vehicle lights on and oops! the battery is dead, which puts you right smack dab in the morning traffic, causing you to tick off your boss…so on and so on. Coincidence? hmmm.

What about when you feel happy, energetic, optimistic and life seems to be on your side?

You hit all the green lights, a kind stranger pays for your coffee, you meet someone amazing and they change your life. Even if something doesn’t go as planned, you may see it as a “meant to be” situation and it doesn’t cause your good mood to shift. Hence the “upward spiral”.

No coincidence here. We can thank the Universe for this one. It’s called the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction basically means that whatever we think about…we bring about. If we are constantly worrying about stuff-the Universe gives us more stuff to worry about! Same goes in the opposite direction. If we are looking for the opportunity to learn in every situation that comes our way and fully believe in the our own power to create…we attract positive circumstances.

If it were so easy then everyone would be living the life of their dreams! It actually takes a lot of self-control, patience and practice. Once you catch yourself thinking of something that happened to you that you didn’t like or something that makes you feel like crap, you must:

STOP! Don’t even go there. You don’t want more crap to deal with.

LIFT! Elevate your mood. Think of something, anything, that makes you happy! *youtube: cute baby laughs* 🙂

SHIFT! Change your perspective and move forward. The quicker you catch yourself, the easier it will be the next time.

The secret is to really pay attention to how you feel and not just what you think. The feeling is what attracts the situations and people to you. It takes time and practice but eventually it will be come second nature.

Now, I’m not suggesting we walk around like positive, naive airy-fairies. However, just knowing that we are the creator of our own world by simply shifting our thoughts and perspective to something that makes us FEEL good is an oh so powerful tool!

No matter what my current life circumstances are, I still feel an inner peace, joy, and excitement for the future! There are times when I have to catch myself falling down the negative spiral and now it’s actually humorous. “Look what I just created…how cute” 😀

Take a moment right now and quickly evaluate how you feel and what your current life situation is. Is it negative or positive?

Remember: STOP! LIFT! and SHIFT!