Still the Emotional Distress

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A week ago today I left for a Millionaire Mind Intensive  in Provo, Utah. I was so excited to go, not only because I was ready for a new perspective on money, but because I needed a break from my current reality! After a life changing, mind blowing weekend I arrived home with a brand new attitude. Maybe it was the “high” from the event or perhaps I significantly raised my vibration.

I now look at life with possibility and excitement. I am able to slow down and spend time with Max, fully embracing every moment. Money doesn’t seem so daunting and unattainable. Opportunities have started flowing and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Today, however, was tougher than normal. Not my circumstances but my overall feeling in general. Stress, Overwhelm, Sadness… creeping into my mind. Little things bothered me…. my goodness how I want a place to call my own! Will I ever break free?

When Max took his afternoon nap, I took advantage of the alone time. I decided to indulge a little with a warm bath. If your a mom you know what I mean by indulge! It always makes me feel just a little better than before.

Feeling better, little by little, is the key to breaking out of a down-ward spiral.

I always use goDesana essential oils in baths because of the healing properties, especially emotional. It also gives me a mini vacation…where I feel pampered and rejuvenated.

Today it was the STILL blend  that jumped out at me. I opened the bottle…smelled the oil and wow, it was the absolute perfect blend for how I was feeling!

STILL uses:

  • Aromatic and sensual blend, to help soothe and ease the transition from the fast pace and worries of your day to a relaxing evening.
  • Particularly helpful when we have taken on more than we feel we can handle and are overwhelmed.
  • Helps to ground us and allow peace of mind to reevaluate our priorities, take a step out of the chaos and see where we can de-stress.
  • To relax and calm your mind, body, and spirit.

My mood was immediately uplifted! I can honestly say I won’t go a day without an essential oil. Here is the link to the STILL essential oil blend!




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